Directory of Free Stained Glass Patterns


If you'd like your site added to the directory, then feel free to contact us for inclusion.  More patterns in one place makes it easier for everyone to get the patterns they need!










Stained Glass Patterns-A nice collection of free designs from both the website owner and from submissions.

Warner Criv Patterns-Over 173 Free stained glass patterns.  The best part about this is that its organized by category. 

Alpine Glass Designs-60 designs that are free for use.  A nice thing about this is there is a picture of the finished piece as well as a PDF where you can download the line drawing.

Aanraku Glass Patterns-Unique glass patterns including patriotic ones as well as Kokopelli.

Acadian Glass Art-Nice collection of line drawings for some classic glass patterns.



Bennet's-This site adds a new design every month.  They design the patterns using GlassEye 2000 so they can be modified or changed to fit your taste.

Chantal's Designs-Wow! This is a comphrensive collection of patterns.  There are hundreds of links to different patterns all over the web.  A great resource!

CKE Publications-A publisher of many books, there is also some few designs that are available on the site.  Free is good!

Chameleon Art Glass-A great collection of free patterns that are released monthly.  Shamrocks, Butterflies, and even a polar bear.  There are lots of good patterns on this site.